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Prince Azeez

Methodology: The Science of Acting

All our work is underpinned by the extraordinary methodology The Science of Acting, developed in London by Russian teacher Sam Kogan, and now in use by top actors & directors around the world.


"You have achieved more with our men in two weeks than our team of
five psychiatrists have achieved in five years."

Alexander Romanov, Governor of Prison Colony 29, Perm, Russia


The Science of Acting contains within it a complete understanding of consciousness: in order to play a character you need to think the character’s thoughts, so of course we need to understand why and how people think the way they do.


“The atom bomb of acting techniques”

Richard Brake - Cold Mountain, Batman Begins, Game of Thrones...


In Russia, working in a prison, our Artistic Director Alex Dower realized that this method of acting is also very effective for quickly bringing novices to a very high standard of performance, and that there were a host of side benefits experienced both by participants and the institution.


The process of understanding consciousness and how to ‘recreate’ consciousness and relationships for the stage enables students to practice new ways of thinking and acting.  Benefits that accrue are: awareness, sensitivity to others, empathy, self-discipline, confidence, improved levels of engagement, attention & focus and the ability to resolve difficult personal issues and relationships.


In summary, our methodology is extremely powerful in helping people in difficult circumstances and with behavioural issues to gain professional skills in performance, find self-expression, gain perspective and understanding of themselves and others in order to build better relationships and a better future.


Alex is not just directing a play but healing their souls with his attitude, his stunning intelligence and his ability to get out of difficult situations with humour and tact. The lads did not figure him out right away but when they did they accepted Alex's authority and listened to him absolutely. 

Drugoi, Russia’s top bloggerc.

Wonderful work, I don't know how you managed to produce this. A real service.

Dr. Joseph Pillai, Consultant Psychiatrist


Very important work.

Professor Peter Fonagy OBE

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