Alex Dower

Artistic Director

Company founder, Alex is an award-winning theatre and film director and acting teacher based in London, UK. 


Alex trained at the School of the Science of Acting in London. He has led projects worldwide with prisoners, disabled people, refugees, orphans and people with severe mental health issues.


Alex has also worked extensively with companies and organisations facing challenges or wanting to develop their staff.

Still a working actor, Alex recently appeared in Jurassic World 2 and plays the lead role in TV show 'Banged up Abroad: Undercover Arms Dealer'.

Katy Dower

Schools Director

Our lead tutor and curriculum designer for young people's programs, Katy has extensive experience working with children of all ages and was asked to be the expert teacher on ITV's 'What Would Your Kid Do?'.


Katy graduated as an actor, director and tutor from the School of the Science of Acting and several years later is now is co-Head of Acting and Directing at the School and also supervises Children's Classes. 


She was a Stagecoach teacher for several years and is a consultant to several providers of young people's theatre training .

Working internationally since 2009

Europe: +44 (0) 7968 48 48 43

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