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Theatre in Rehabilitation

Creating Freedom works with prisoners in correctional facilities to develop self-discipline, communications skills, confidence, empathy, and responsibility through the distinctions of The Science of Acting. We have been working for over a decade, providing astonishing outcomes in workshops and production projects ranging between 5 days to 10 weeks. Our work with prisoners provides skills that can be applied both within the bounds of their prison life, and for reintegration once they are released. 

The Science of Acting requires that the actor develop an awareness and understanding of themselves and others, and also imagination, discipline, dedication and sensitivity, adding up to a consciousness able and flexible enough to hold any thought of any character. It is a demanding and rigorous training providing insight on the human psyche. By developing  a deep understanding of the human thought process, participants are able to deconstruct their own thought processes and take responsibility for creating new thoughts and behavior patterns.


""You have achieved more with our men in two weeks than our team of five psychiatrists have achieved in five years."
Alexander Romanov, Governor of Prison Colony 29, Perm, Russia


"I got so much more than I expected from the workshop... All eight [prisoners] got some new skill that they can use in prison and in their life out of prison."

Partiipant, Prisoner, Her Majesties Prison (HMP) Foston Hall, UK


"It emphasised that the individual has responsibility over his actions."

Prisoner, HMP Littlehey, UK


Please enjoy the videos, images below from our projects.  We hope to see your organization here soon! 

Joyous Creation and Skills Acquisition

The video below shows highlights of a Russian documentary covering a two-week project in prison colony 29 in Perm, Urals in 2009. Creating Freedom founder Alex Dower directed 35 men in Chekhov's 'The Burbot', Isaac Babel's 'My First Goose', and prisoner Albert Sadrutdinov's 'Butterfly'. 
To watch a video, in Russian, of the full production see

"Alex is not just directing a play but healing their souls with his attitude, his stunning intelligence and his ability to get out of difficult situations with humour and tact. The lads did not figure him out right away but when they did they accepted Alex's authority and listened to him absolutely." 

Drugoi, Russia’s top blogger

"Wonderful work, I don't know how you managed to produce this. A real service."

Dr. Joseph Pillai, Consultant Psychiatrist


"Very important work"

Professor Peter Fonagy OBE

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