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Personal, Skills and Team Development

We lead workshops and production projects to develop the following:


  • Team-work - using games and exercises, along with an exploration of how we think,  we help people develop their self-awareness and an understanding & appreciation of others. They start to listen and respect others, and gain the confidence and courage to speak and provide leadership.

  • Creativity - everyone has imagination and ideas, we bring these things out and give people the experience and confidence to contribute and push the boundaries.

  • Leadership - the new style of leadership values openness, communication and honesty. Vulnerability is a strength. Many new organisations require that everyone shows leadership and is willing to be accountable. Participants learn how to be responsible for their communication and also for how their teams communicate with one another. A powerful presence emerges.

  • Inspiration & accomplishment - when people learn how their consciousness works and develop a little awareness, giving up sulking and sabotage becomes a given. People want to have a life and be fulfilled, but we all go off track without points of reference and guidance. Participants will be left able to create inspiration at will and how to map out and fulfil their plans.

  • Joy and confidence - we help people remove the barriers to what they want to achieve and what they are committed to. They get in communication, they make decisions, they move forwards.

  • Issue Resolution - using role play and other exercises, we create a neutral, respectful and creative space to open up and explore issues your company ororganisation is facing around change, low morale, or specific challenges. Subtle, nuanced factors are uncovered; difficult ideas can be expressed and solutions found.

  • Skills training - Our expert tutors and communicators can take on training roles for your organisation.


Workshops & Projects

  • Timings: anything from 90 minutes to two weeks

  • Participants: anything from 1-150 people

  • Outputs: either just a workshop, or a production of a play or film.

"You made sense of all the problems we have been having in our organisation, and helped us address them. The change is profound"

Participant in Australian corporate project

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