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Suicide Prevention: Social Contract

Our work with suicide prevention starts with eliminating the taboo associated with talking about suicide and suicidal thoughts. Young people work in a creative context (rather than therapeutic) in a theater or film project, eliminating the stigma of therapy, social work, or pharmacological intervention. Acting works requires thorough understanding of human though processes, and the way in which our brain develops emotions and complexes. Through this work, participants are able to see the invisible though processes that lead them (and others) to think suicidal thoughts, and they get access to counteracting and eliminating such thoughts.


"Fundamentally, suicidal thoughts are the result of not having the hope that you can have a life," says Creating Freedom Director Alex Dower. "Having a life isn't about having a nice home or job. It's about your emotional life, that is, having the thoughts and emotions of being fulfilled and happy." Through the methodology of the Science of Acting, young people get the skillset they need to take control of their own thoughts and emotions, and to understand the thoughts and emotions of others. Creating a film or theaterical production allows them to explore issues of suicide and loss of loved ones in a constructive and safe environment. 


Special Diploma for Professionalism & Ethics of the Director, Krivoy Roh Film Festival, Ukraine 2014


Special Diploma for Humanity & Social Responsibility, Krivoy Roh Film Festival, Ukraine 2013


Director of the Year, London & Edinburgh FringeReport, 2003


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